January 31, 2018/Media, Press

A State Of Crisis, Chaos, And Racism In Our Union

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“There’s not a damn thing Donald Trump could say tonight that would make up for the pain his presidency has inflicted on the American people. Trump Republicans have sparked a state of crisis, chaos, and racism in our union.

“Trump Republicans have lined the pockets of big corporations and wealthy billionaires and millionaires, but Donald Trump has done nothing for the working-class Americans he’s promised so much too.

“America’s resolve is being tested, but we’re proud to say that Democrats are standing up and fighting back. Right here in Texas, thousands in the resistance are marching, organizing, and running for office. A “blue wave” is rising across the country, and we’re gearing up for the best midterm of our lifetime.”


P.S. Trump is underwater. We’re literally the same color as New York and California.