October 9, 2020/Media

4 Lies You Will Hear From Senator Cornyn During Tonight’s Debate

Austin, Texas — As he grows more and more desperate and his fundraising advantage disappears, vulnerable incumbent Senator John Cornyn has taken to flat-out lying to cover up his abysmal record.

We know Senator Cornyn can’t run on his real failed record, so the Cornyn War Room is saving you the trouble fact checking four of the biggest lies we expect Cornyn to tell in tonight’s debate:

1. Cornyn will claim he supports protections for Texans with preexisting conditions – FALSE 

This one may be the most predictable, yet most egregious, lie he will tell tonight. John Cornyn, once known as the “top salesman” for repealing the Affordable Care Act and its protections for people with preexisting conditions, is a direct threat to the five million Texans with preexisting conditions. He’s voted 20 times to gut or repeal the ACA, and just last week voted in favor of his political allies’ lawsuit to dismantle the ACA in the Supreme Court. Additionally, Cornyn tweeted,The left… overstates the problem of pre-existing conditions to justify political control of health care.”

Cornyn may point to his support of the Protect Act as proof he supports pre-existing condition protections, but Texans are smarter than to be fooled by this sham legislation. Texans know that the Protect Act, according to independent fact-checkers, “does not offer the same level of protection for preexisting conditions as the ACA, and [experts] warn that millions of Americans could lose their health coverage if the ACA falls and the Protect Act is the only replacement.”

2. Cornyn will claim he’s an ally of DREAMers and DACA – FALSE 

This is a lie Cornyn has been telling for months now in Spanish-language ads, and one he has been resoundingly called out for. 

In both 2007 and 2010, Cornyn voted against advancing the DREAM Act, calling the 2010 effort “a political stunt.” In 2017, after the Trump administration announced an end to the DACA program (a decision that was eventually overturned by the Supreme Court), Cornyn stated “there’s no way” a standalone DREAM Act would pass the Senate. Cornyn then yet again used DREAMers as political pawns, tying the future of DACA recipients to border wall funding, and insisting on a “right-wing Christmas list of anti-immigrant provisions” as the price of protecting 124,000 Texans.

3. Cornyn will say he never spread misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic – FALSE 

This past Saturday Cornyn quote-tweeted an article from a right-wing group questioning the effectiveness of wearing a mask. It was hardly the first time he disputed health experts – Cornyn called the coronavirus a “so-called pandemic,” saying “most of us” if infected would “get flu-like symptoms, and you’ll get over it in a relatively short period of time.”

Then there was this:And this:There are dozens more examples, but you get the idea.

4. Cornyn will claim he supported economic assistance to Texans struggling during the coronavirus crisis – FALSE 

Cornyn repeatedly called expanded federal unemployment assistance a “mistake” and vowed it wouldn’t be reinstated. So it came as no surprise when, on July 25, Cornyn allowed the assistance to expire. Struggling Texans have now been without this vital assistance for 76 days.

Similarly, Cornyn allowed airline relief to expire at the end of last month, leading directly to the furloughing of thousands of Texas airline workers. One of the main reasons additional relief wasn’t passed is due to Cornyn’s insistence that a liability shield for his corporate PAC donors – one that was written in part by the nation’s biggest corporate lobby – be forced onto aid for hardworking Texans.