November 29, 2017/Media, Press

???? Continued Islamophobia From Texas Republican Sid Miller And Bully-in-chief Donald Trump????

Austin, TX — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller posted an article praising President Donald Trump for having removed a Muslim federal judge who attempted to implement Sharia law.

NEWS FLASH: it’s not true and Sid Miller was duped.

“A ‘22nd Circuit Court of Appeals’ does not exist in the federal court system, and removal of a federal judge must happen via impeachment, according to the U.S. Constitution, not presidential executive order.” [Houston Chronicle, November 27, 2017]

This isn’t the first time Sid Miller has posted false and offensive content:

  • Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Manages To Offend Mentally Ill And Pakistanis In One Post [Dallas Morning News, October 30, 2017]
  • Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller compares snakes to refugees, likes ‘dead ones won’t bite’ comment [San Antonio Express News, November 19, 2015]
  • Fake News? That Didn’t Stop Sid Miller From Spreading It. [Houston Chronicle, January 15, 2017]
  • Sid Miller Promotes False Narrative That Illegal Immigrants Shot Hunters [Houston Press, January 19, 2017 ]
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  • Top Texas Republican Official Calls Hillary Clinton The C-word On Twitter [Mic, November 1, 2016]
  • Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Posts Fake Shot Of Obama With Che Tee [Houston Chronicle, March 23, 2016]

On Monday, Miller admitted to his 637,000 Facebook followers, “Well it looks like I may have been duped. This may be fake news…”

This morning, Donald Trump defended sharing a far-right, ultranationalists video on Twitter with the intent of portraying the Muslim community in a bad light.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Tariq Thowfeek issued the following statement:

“It’s clear that Sid Miller and Donald Trump enjoy sharing notes from the same racist, bigoted playbook. The world would be a better place if both of them deleted their social media accounts.”