December 18, 2017/Blog

Young Texas Democrats are Rising

More than 346 Young Democratic Texans under 40 have filed to represent Texans in county courts, county parties, the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate, and U.S. Congress.

We are thrilled to see our peers stepping up and running at a time when Texans deserve fresh leadership and new ideas.

Young Democrats have known for some time that we aren’t just the future, but the present, and we know that we have the best chance of making effective change in Texas and across the country.

Of the more than 346 Young Democrats running:

  • 36 are running for Congress, 55 are running for the Texas House of Representatives,
  • 5 are running for the Texas Senate, and
  • Many other offices up and down the democratic ticket.

These districts span across the state, with almost all of the West Texas Democratic candidates under 35. No endorsements have been made at this time.

Young Democrats are poised to run the largest youth targeted voter turnout plan for 2018. We know that young voters are more progressive and will soon be the largest voting block- we’re prepared to get folks voting now, not later.

Young Democrats spanning our state have answered the call of an even greater Texas. One that ensures a choice on the ballot for working class folks in areas that have been historically underserved and poorly represented by entrenched Republican politicians who have gone unchallenged for far too long.

The future has arrived, and Young Democrats are equipped to lead the way.

Now, take the next step and get involved with Texas Young Democrats: