February 11, 2019/Blog, Media

Texans are Tired of the Lies

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of a president who lies about Texas and lies about our border.

We don’t need a wall. We don’t need Trump here peddling a wall. We don’t need Trump stealing Texans’ land for a wall.

I’m proud to represent the city of El Paso.

The same city where his administration was ripping families apart and placing migrant children in the tent city. The same city where children died in cages under his administration.

El Paso is one of the safest cities in our nation. But you wouldn’t know if it you just heard el mentiroso in the White House. Trump claims we are overrun with high rates of violent crime. It’s an absolute lie.

My home is only a few yards away from the border fence. I know that our city is safe, because I know that our law enforcement officials and our entire community are good, hardworking people who are just trying to get ahead.

Trump is slapping our community in the face. He lied in his national address from the oval office, he lied on his visit to the Rio Grande Valley, and he lied in the State of the Union. He will lie tonight. Enough is enough.

Trump’s fixation on a border wall and his distortions of life in El Paso and along the border are unacceptable. We must demand Trump to stop with his fixation with the border wall. Add your name to the growing list of Texans today.

Thank you for taking action,

César Blanco
Texas State Representative

Add your name and demand Trump stop stealing

Our Texas land to build an unwanted wall.