February 6, 2019/Blog, Media

State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer needs you to Spread the Message

You might think that after a sweeping voter mandate that saw Democrats win everywhere, from gaining 14 seats in the Texas Capitol to winning back the House in our nation’s Capital, President Trump and Governor Abbott would realize that voters aren’t going to put up with the same old, tired, and destructive policies. Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken.

After President Trump’s State of the Union and Governor Abbott’s State of the State yesterday, it’s more clear than ever: Republicans have no plans to ditch their old ways, they are tone deaf to the voices of change, and they insist on dividing our state and nation instead of bringing us together.

In his State of the State Address yesterday, the Governor again touted among his top priorities spending billions of your dollars on tax cuts and border security. Make no mistake: the costs for these ill-conceived ideas will come at the expense of our children, their public education, and our public health.

We’re not having it.

Texans are sick and tired of the GOP putting our children’s futures on the back burner. Republicans promise us new funds in education, but their entire track record on public ed points the opposite direction.

Why would we trust the same party that cut $5.4 billion from public education in 2011 to now fix the system that they themselves broke?

The answer: we don’t trust them. Where I’m from, people judge your actions, not your words. And, the Republicans’ actions have shown us, time and time again, that they cannot be trusted with our kids’ future.

Case and point: before they put up any legislation on increasing school funding, they put out an “emergency” proposal that would place a revenue cap on our school districts and local governments’ ability to serve our communities. This plan hurts our local schools, our county hospitals, our police officers, our firefighters, our libraries, our parks, our roads-everything that our communities hold near and dear. While our local governments had been spared from dangerous Republican policies before this, even they are endangered now.

As Texas Democrats, we won’t stand for a cap on our kids’ futures. We won’t stand for just another session of empty promises. We’re fighting to fully fund our schools, our healthcare, our first responders. In short, we’re fighting to protect our communities. We know that we can achieve dreams as big as the Lone Star State, and we want our children to know the same.

Help us spread that message.

Let’s hold these people accountable. Let’s do this for our kids. I know I can count on you.

Fighting with you every step of the way,

Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer
Texas House of Representatives

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