May 18, 2019/Blog, Media

Santa Fe

We stand with the students who hid in fear, the teachers who locked the doors, the parents who waited to hear from their children, and those who lost their lives one year ago at Santa Fe High School.

The students, teachers, administrators, and families in Santa Fe, Texas turned their grief into real, meaningful action to stop future tragedies from happening. They’ve shown us how to fight back.

There are so many common-sense reforms we could pass right now:

  • Universal background checks for every firearm purchase,
  • Closing loopholes that allow guns to be sold or traded without passing a mandatory and thorough background check,
  • Passing red flag laws so that community members and law enforcement officials can connect the dots and remove firearms from dangerous people before tragedy strikes,
  • Sensible gun laws to curtail the availability of weapons with extended ammunition magazines, including rapid-fire, magazine-fed, military-style assault weapons,
  • Enacting legislation prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or possession of bump stocks, binary trigger systems and trigger cranks that increase the rate of fire,
  • Improving training and licensing requirements for all Texans wishing to carry a firearm,
  • Establishing a statewide firearms education and public safety campaign – with an emphasis on safely securing guns in the home,
  • Appropriately enforcing criminal penalties for individuals who negligently fail to control access to firearms in homes where children are present.

Mass shootings and images of shocked young people and grieving parents are still too common.

Why? Because Republican lawmakers, like Greg Abbott and John Cornyn, refuse to take any meaningful action to end gun violence, despite claiming it’s a priority and despite the fact that the vast majority of Texans want reform.

Enough is enough. The victims of America’s mass shooting epidemic deserve action and change. We must end gun violence.

We continue to stand by the Santa Fe community. We continue to demand an end to gun violence and fight for common-sense gun laws. We are all Santa Fe.


Gilberto Hinojosa
Chair, Texas Democratic Party

Enough is enough. We must end gun violence.

The victims of America’s mass shooting epidemic deserve action and change. If you support common-sense gun laws, add your name right now: