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January 10, 2019/Blog, Media

Our Land

The Texas border is our land. It’s my home. Nuestra comunidad.

We were born here. We live here. Work here. Worship here. Every day, good folks get up and do the best they can for their families. We have no crisis on the border.

Our only crisis is defending ourselves from Trump Republican landgrabbers bent on running us out of our property for a boondoggle.

If it sounds personal, it’s because it is.

My district spans a third of the U.S.-Mexico border. The hardworking people of Texas House District 74 are sick and tired of Trump Republicans trashing our communities and terrorizing our families. They are fed up with Trump tearing our country apart. ¡Ya basta!

We should not sit by idly while Texas leaders, previously defenders of private property rights, become landgrabbers in the defense of a lying carpetbagging president.

We do not need a president who throws temper tantrums. We definitely do not need a president who ignores Texans on issues important to us and our land.

¡No te dejes! We must come together as Texans who will not tolerate Trump shutting down our government or stealing our land.


Poncho Nevárez
State Representative, District 74

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