August 7, 2018/Blog, Media

This election is gonna be a damn goat rodeo

Look, I’m going to explain this in plain Texan.

This election is gonna be a damn goat rodeo.

There’s going to be dueling yard signs. There’s going to be push polls claiming shamefully that “Beto O’Rourke cannot speak one single word of Canadian.” There’s gonna be guys with an armory strapped to their back and an “I love Putin” bumper sticker on their butts. They’re even gonna try to stop your Democratic grandma from voting. These are guaranteed facts.

There’s something we can do about that. If you will send the Texas Democratic Party 30 cents, we can send your granny an application to vote by mail.

But your granny ain’t the only granny in Texas. There are lots of grandpas, omas, gigis, litos, meemaws, pipos, and pawpas. We’re trying to send 731,000 vote by mail applications so they can exercise their right to vote.

So, here’s the deal. If you send us some money, everybody’s Democratic granny or grumpy grandpa can get a ballot by mail application. Will you sponsor 75 vote by mail applications by chipping in $25 right now:

Cough up some dough to ensure that Democratic voters over the age of 65 can vote and do it without harassment.

I can’t get my finger on that donate button fast enough,

Susan Bankston
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