November 6, 2019/Blog, Media

Everything you need to know about last night’s election

The result of last night’s elections should send a shiver down the spines of Donald Trump and every Republican running in 2020.

That’s how we won races across the country last night, that’s how we’ll beat Trump in one year, and that’s how Democrats will win victories at every level in 2020.

In Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, and across the country, Democrats competed in every election, ran on our values, and channeled unprecedented energy into the voting booth.

There are major warning signs for Trump and Republicans in these elections: Suburban voters are trending sharply against Republicans and more young voters are exercising their voting power.

In Virginia, Democrats flipped the Virginia House and Senate — making 10 state legislative chambers Democrats have flipped since Trump’s election. For the first time in a quarter-century, Democrats have a trifecta in Virginia.

In Kentucky, a state Trump won by 30 points and that he campaigned in the day before the election, Democrat Andy Beshear won the governor’s race. This is a categorical rejection of Trump and the GOP’s agenda. Mitch McConnell should be sweating.

Kentucky Republican Matt Bevin was mired with low approval ratings and caught with self-serving actions that put himself and his special interest friends over the needs of everyday Kentuckians. Similar to Bevin, Republican Senator John Cornyn has logged abysmal approval ratings between 25-37% the last four polls in a row, and after twenty years in Washington, Cornyn is known for cowering to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and lobbyists.

“Trump Republicans are dropping like flies. First, went Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Next, will be John Cornyn,” said Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia.

In Texas, we had three emergency Texas House district special elections, the Houston local elections, and our statewide constitutional election.

In Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner is advancing to the runoff after a strong performance on Tuesday night. Under Mayor Turner’s leadership, the city of Houston has never been stronger.

“After facing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Mayor Turner brought this community together to persevere. Now, families and workers in Houston are thriving. Mayor Turner has been the champion of a great, diverse, Democratic city where the doors of opportunity are open to all,” said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa.

In Texas House District 28, in an off-year emergency special election in Tom Delay’s old political base of Fort Bend County, Democrat Dr. Eliz Markowitz was the top vote-getter moving into the runoff election. Dr. Markowitz’s opponent is a Trump Republican hellbent on buying this election.

In Texas House District 100, Democrats Lorraine Birabil and James Armstrong on advanced to the runoff election. In Texas House District 148, Democrat Anna Eastman finished first and advanced to the runoff election.

The working people of Dallas and Houston are overwhelmingly choosing Democrats to represent their interests and lead our state. Both Texas House District 100 and 148 are Democratic seats and are poised to remain Democratic seats. 100% of House District 100 voters and over 68% of House District 148 voters chose Democrats to represent them in the Texas House.

“We thank all the Democratic candidates for stepping up to represent their communities. This is just the beginning, there are many more Democratic victories to come in 2020,” said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa.